Incredible. People. Doing. Incredible. Things.

I am so inspired by others. The Big Books says, “You can help others when no one else can.”

I am grateful to have the opportunity to share these amazing stories. These are people who are WORKING THEIR RECOVERY to help others who are still struggling.

Are you doing something incredible? Are you working your recovery? Want to share?? Contact me!

Never Alone Apparel

“After over a decade of drug and alcohol abuse, on February 17th of 2019, I decided to change my life. I spent years in and out of rehab and treatment facilities, but I was never able to maintain my clean time. Somehow, I was able to persevere and finally learn how to live clean. Today, I practice gratitude on daily basis, which is the center of my recovery. This past year has given me back so much that I thought I had lost forever, most importantly, my family. Wanting to give back as much as possible to the community that saved my life, led me to start a clothing brand that raises mental health and addiction awareness. Through Never Alone Apparel, I am able to donate a portion of proceeds to help those still suffering find treatment. To anyone still struggling, do NOT give up before the miracle happens and remember that your are NEVER ALONE!”

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