I’m Back!

It’s been a long time since I sat down to write. I love when my heart is full of excitement and the words, like lightening bolts, come out of my fingers on to the keyboard. It has been two years since I wrote my last post. So what has happened over those two years? My son has grown, he is three years old! I changed careers. I am the aunt of two beautiful nieces. I have made and lost friends. Had some success and a lot more failures. But to be honest, the most important change over the last two years, has happened over the last 90 days. 

I woke up and decided to get sober. I was done breaking my own heart. I was done not listening to God, when I had been a person of faith most of my life. I was “sick and tired of being sick and tired.” I am not here to preach anything. I am not here to shame. I am here to inspire. Maybe you have been feeling like life is too much and wondering what you can do to change. I found alcohol to be the catalyst of all the wrong in my life.  Putting down my wine glass was the start of my changes. Maybe my change will spark your change. 

I am jumping back on the writing train and excited to share my journey of sobriety. My life alcohol free. My life putting God first. My life using prayer instead of alcohol to cope. My life feeling actual feelings and not numbing them. I will share about my “why I got sober,” in a post of its own in the very near future. I wanted to touch base and let you know I am back!!! I am back with a new perspective. I am back as me, AMANDA SUE. I will be brutally honest, as I think I need to be as part of my recovery. I am learning who I am every single day. Being a Christian single-mom, who is sober, working full-time plus hours, isn’t easy. Trying to balance time between working on my emotional health, physical health, and everything in between is overwhelming at times. I am learning how to manage life on “life’s terms.” I know I am new to sobriety, I know there are people out there with years on me. I know I am one person out of millions who live drug and alcohol free. I do believe I have been called to share my story and in hopes these words find you and bring you joy.


Thank you for reading, stay tuned…. More to come.

XO, Amanda



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